The Casa Santoña shop. What do you fancy today?

In our factories we are busy creating a great product, but in our shop the focus is on you, the customer. Choose the product you want and find out everything about it, from its origins to how to prepare it.

We want you to get to know the product you buy, to know the differences among the products and to order the appropriate quantities to fit your needs.

For this reason each product is explained from its origins to the moment we package it. We have also selected some recipes and tricks to give you preparation ideas.

If you are already an expert and are familiar with our products, you can choose the quick purchase option. You’ll find the entire store catalogue on a single page, where you can choose the products you want and then go directly to the checkout page, all in just 2 clicks.

If you’re a professional in the food service sector, sign in with your username and password. If you do not yet have access, please contact our sales department at

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