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Coastal Salted Anchovies

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Salted anchovies that you can prepare yourself! Use your hands and enjoy the experience!

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Coastal Salted Anchovies

You too can be an artisan of the sea! With our Coastal Salted Anchovies, you have the opportunity to experience the process of preparing the final product. It is ideal for those in the food service sector, and much more economical. This product is not ready to consume, as it has not yet gone through the preparation process and has a significantly higher level of salt. Every anchovy includes two loins.

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weight and sizes

Weight kg

Agua, Anchoas, Sal

Peso Bruto

1000 grs., 1100 grs.


27 Anchoas 54 Lomos


Cubo, Tarrina sellada al vacio


2 Años desde fecha de elaboración

peso neto

1000 grs., 1100 grs.

Nutritional value

(Español) Este es un producto sin aditivos para su transformación. Una vez elaborado, los valores nutricionales del producto se asemejarán a los de nuestras anchoas Alérgenos: Contiene Anchoa, alérgeno dentro del grupo de los pescados.

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