Aperitif sauce La Cala


Aperitif sauce – crisps and cockles

Sauce made from vinegar and sweet and spicy De La Vera P.D.O. paprika to

enhance the flavour of crisps, cockles and olives, our most popular aperitif.

125 ml

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Aperitif sauce La Cala

La Cala-Albert Adrià pays tribute to our aperitif of

choice: the traditional vermouth experience imbued

with the creativity and inventiveness of one of Catalo-
nia’s gastronomic icons, Albert Adrià.

It is a blend of vermouth, tapas, tinned food and

cuisine, offering a careful selection of high-quality

products endorsed by distinguished canners and


weight and sizes


Espesante: Goma xantana, Pimentón de la Vera D.O.P. dulce y picante, Pimienta negra, Vinagre de vino

Peso Neto

125 ml.

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