Anchovies of the Cantabrian Sea 00 Special Selection


Anchovies of the Bay of Biscay 00 Special Selection made by hand from pieces carefully selected from the Cantabrian Sea. Anchovies 00 are the largest in the world market. They present an intense flavor and a perfect point of salt. Its texture is very fleshy, deep and wild flavor.

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Anchovies of the Cantabrian Sea 00 Special Selection

Casa Santoña is part of the team “El Gourmet de la Roja” of the Spanish National Football Team for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Aligning our best player in this convocation the Cantabrian Anchovies 00 Special Selection.

The Cantabrian Anchovies 00 Special Selection. They are of the highest quality. Discover its nuances, its firm and flexible texture. A large and select tenderloin hand-made by our expert artisans. Cleaning the anchovies one by one and leaving them without thorns. We got this exclusive series of the best Cantabrian anchovies taking care and pampering every detail to get a product of the highest quality, respecting the original and authentic flavor of the Cantabrian.

The Gourmet of the Red.

The objective of the project is the distribution and sale of gourmet Spanish products and delicatessen under the exclusive license of the Royal Spanish Football Federation. For Casa Santoña it is an honor to be part of the staff of Gourmet de la Roja. Accompanying the players and fans in every match of the Russia 2018 World Cup.

Origin and process

All the elaboration of the anchovies of Casa Santoña, is done by completely traditional and handmade methods, dedicating to each anchovy loin the necessary time to, on the one hand, lower the salt concentration, and on the other, eliminate all the thorns and get In short, the best aromas of fishing. The finished anchovies are packaged for conservation in neutral oil (sunflower) and if desired at the end can be served with a few drops of a suitable olive oil.

weight and sizes

Weight 100. kg



Aceite de Girasol, Anchoa del Cantábrico, Sal


8 Lomos

Nutritional value

(Español) Valor Nutricional medio por 100g. de producto. Valor energético 203 kJ/ 858 kcal. Grasas (de las cuales) 3.63 g. Saturados 1,57 g. Hidratos de Carbono 12,22 g. Azúcares <0,1 g. Proteínas 30,37 g. Sal 8,67 g.

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