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Atlantic Anchovies Extra

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Artisanal anchovies from Atlantic waters. The flavour of the sea at your table.

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Atlantic Anchovies Extra

For our Atlantic Anchovies Extra, we select catch from the best fishing areas in Atlantic waters outside Spain. The preparation process is the same as the Cantabrian anchovy, yielding another high-quality gourmet product from a different basic ingredient. They are deboned completely by hand and contain a very low level of salt.



Origin and process

All anchovies in Casa Santoña are processed through completely traditional and artisanal methods. We dedicate time to each anchovy loin in order to lower the concentration of salt and remove all bones, thereby getting the best aromas from the catch.

weight and sizes

Weight kg

Aceite de Girasol

Peso Bruto

420 grs., 240 grs., 80 grs.


64, 32, 10


Bandeja termosellada, Pandereta con cierre hermético, Tarrina sellada al vacio


6 Meses desde fecha de fabricación.

Peso neto

400 grs., 200 grs., 70 grs.

Nutritional value

(Español) Valor nutricional medio por 100 g. de producto escurrido: Valor energético (Kcal): 155 Grasas (de las cuales): 3,63g. Ácidos grasos saturados: 1,57g. Ácidos grasos monoinsaturados: 0,16g Ácidos grasos poliinsaturados: 1,9g. Hidratos de carbono: 1g. Azúcares: <0,1g. Proteínas: 30,37g. Sal: 3,2g. *Alérgenos: Contiene pescado **Producto tratado contra la anisakiasis

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