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sheep cured cheese with black pepper


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sheep cured cheese with black pepper

GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS Sheep cheese with black pepper.

Skin: hard, brown, well marked.
Pasta: firm and compact, with some eyes visible, scattered throughout the cheese.
Color: ivory white
Texture: Buttery and soluble cellulose, slightly sticky
Aroma / flavor / persistence: matured sheep’s milk with a mild taste and a
little sour and salty, a pronounced aroma of truffles.
Pecorino cured with black pepper. With a cure of 4 to 6 months.
This new range of spice products within the cheese is completed with La
Antigua with black pepper. Adding Peppercorns During Process
of making this cheese made with raw milk, causes the dough to obtain an odor and a
flavor much more intense and easily recognizable.
4 month cure
Approximate weight. 3,200 kg.
Measures: diameter of 22 cm. x 12 cm high.

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Sal, Conservador E-252, Cuajo, cultivos lácticos, Leche de oveja, Lisozima (deriv. Huevo), Pimienta negra



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