Truffle sheep cured cheese


Sheep cheese made with raw milk of sheep and white truffle of Italian Piedmont.

With a healing period of approximately 5 months and matured in the best atmospheric conditions, it enhances all the aromas as the cheese loses its initial moisture.

The contribution of flavors and aromas typical of sheep cheese during its maturation period, along with those provided by the truffle give this product unique and exquisite characteristics.

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Truffle sheep cured cheese

ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS of Curried Sheep Cheese La Antigua al Tartufo.

  • Bark: hard, brown, pleite well marked and defined.
  • Pasta: firm and compact, it can present small-medium sized eyes, distributed throughout the cut.
  • Color: ivory white
  • Texture: buttery and soluble paste, somewhat sticky Aroma / flavor / persistence: A milk of sheep matured with a soft aftertaste in which appear slight touches of acid and salty; important flavor and truffled aroma.

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