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Whiskey Sour NIO


The Whiskey Sour NIO is an enveloping and seductive cocktail, with a precise and clean flavor, with caramelized and smoked bourbon perfumes that are refreshed with the aromatic lemon.

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Whiskey Sour NIO

Whiskey Sour NIO, is a classic in the world of cocktails. Elliot Stubb was the creator of the Whiskey Sour cocktail recipe. Elliot dreamed that one day he would set up his own bar while working as a butler serving on a ship of English origin. One hot day the boat docked in the port of Iquique (Chile), when going out on deck and admiring the place where he was, he decided that it would be there where he would carry out his great dream.

Elliot founded his bar in that place and made lots of mixes obtaining a large list of different cocktails.
One day he picked up the cocktail shaker and in his eagerness to experience new flavors, he mixed Whiskey with lemon juice. The result obtained from the mixture did not displease him at all and ended up baptizing his cocktail as Sour due to his bitterness. Later, to improve and soften the bitter taste of the combination, he decided to add sugar to the mixture, finally obtaining what we know today as a Whiskey Sour cocktail.

It is usually served as an appetizer before meals. As an alternative to this cocktail you can substitute Whiskey for Bourbon, thus achieving a Bourbon Sour.

The Whiskey Sour or Whiskey Sour is usually served in Old-fashioned glass or low glass, decorated with a lemon rind, in the original cocktail used lemon juice Pica, which is a tiny file that was only produced in the oasis of Pica, Matilla and the Quisma Valley, places very close to Iquique (Chile).

The NIO cocktail are combined ready to drink. Just add the ice and enjoy the moment, you can turn the drink into a unique and fun experience for your guests!

NIO is perfect for all occasions in which you want to provide a high quality cocktail.

Origin and process

It is believed that the whiskey sour was created by the Englishman Elliott Stubb, who landed in the port of Iquique (at the time belonging to the State of Peru) in the year 1872, opened a bar and experimenting with different aperitifs he came to mix the autochthonous "limon" de pica "with Whiskey and sugar, creating a perfect mix between the Anglo-Saxon style and the South American fruit. In fact, this cocktail is already mentioned in the famous 1882 book by Jerry Thomas "How to Mix Drinks: The Bon-Vivant's Companion", although with a slightly different recipe. Whiskey sour, despite having a steel core, is an enveloping and seductive cocktail, with a precise and clean taste, with the caramelized and smoked perfumes of bourbon that are refreshed by the aromatic lemon.

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