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Manhattan NIO


The Manhattan NIO in a cocktail manly, famous, cosmopolitan and consumed mainly as an aperitif, since its inception has been a favorite of fans of the world of cocktails.

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Manhattan NIO

The Manhattan NIO, Like many cocktails, the origins of Manhattan are lost in time. The Democratic newspaper commented in 1882 that “a mixture of Whiskey, Vermouth and Bitters was recently in fashion” which was named as a Manhattan cocktail.

There are many theories about how the cocktail Manhattan emerged the most popular is that in the early 1880s Dr. Iain Marshall proposed the recipe for a party that was held at the Manhattan Club in New York City by Lady Randolph Churchill. Many people believe that this story is a myth and that at that time Lady Randolph Churchill was pregnant in England, therefore, was not partying in New York.

Others think that this Manhattan cocktail was invented at the famous Hoffman House in New York City. Whatever the story The Manhattan Club continues to claim ownership of the recipe to this day and the cocktail is still widely available in bars, restaurants and cafes around the world and is considered by many waiters as one of the best cocktails in the world. world.

If you want to be traditional, Manhattan cocktail should be made with American rye whiskey, although it is commonly created with Bourbon or Canadian whiskey. Some people are of the firm belief that the Manhattan cocktail should be stirred and should never be shaken due to the foam of the cocktail.

The drink is great at any time of the year, the presentation, the taste and the red cherries remember the winter, sitting by the fire on a cold winter night, savoring a wonderfully smooth and delicious Manhattan cocktail.

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