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Gin Sour NIO


The Gin Sour NIO is a cocktail of the bitter family, there are almost infinite varieties of acidic recipes but without doubt this cocktail is one of the best.

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Gin Sour NIO

The Gin Sour NIO, It was very popular during the 1940’s before the dry law in the United States.

The sour category is one of the oldest in the history of the cockatils, in fact it can be said that it represents the starting point for the art of mixing. The first to codify the recipe was the great Jerry Thomas. Gin Sour is based on a very simple balance a sweet part (usually sugar syrup), a bitter part given by the lime or lemon juice and, of course, a distillate that gives the mixture its character.

The most commonly used alcohols in this type of preparation are rum (Daiquiri), bourbon, vodka and gin. The name Gin Sour, which obviously refers to acidic lemon notes, can be misleading because this cockatil actually has a perfect balance given by the union between sweet sugar, sour lemon and the dry flavor of gin.

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