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Boulevardier NIO


The Boulevardier NIO in a classic cocktail with bourbon whiskey, born at the time of Prohibition in the United States, where many bartenders had to emigrate to other countries to develop their profession.

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Boulevardier NIO

The Boulevardier NIO, born in the era of The Dry Law in the United States, the famous barman Harry McElhone had to emigrate a season to London, then moved to Paris where he set up his own bar, the Harry’s New York Bar.

This cocktail is the little son of Negroni who uses gin in his original recipe or Manhattan. The bitter touch of campari is undeniable but it is disguised with pleasure by the Carpano that gives it a sweet spot and balances the mixture. The power is obtained from the bourbon that in this case is the Maker’s Bourbon. For these cold months this cocktail is a good alternative and something more complex to a simple whiskey.

The particular combination of Antica, Campari and Knob Creek gives it a slightly smoky and earthy taste to the drink. The touch of flamed orange accentuates these flavors and adds orange flavor to the Campari. For the Boulevardier 100 proof whiskey is recommended, such as Knob Creek or Ritten Rittenhouse, as it will stay well in equal parts to the strong flavor of the Campari. Rye also works very well for a less sweet and slightly spicier flavor.

Origin and process

(Español) Harry McElhone creó el cocktail  Boulevardier para Erskine Gwynne, escritor americano expatriado, socialista y sobrino del magnate del ferrocarril Alfred Vanderbilt, el cual editaba un magazine llamado Le Boulevardier.

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