Cheese sobrasada Mahon


Exquisite sobrasada with two to four months of healing, which matures and evolves at the same time as the tasty mahón cheese with which it is combined. The nuances of the dairy and black pig melt and assemble to create a new, subtle but intense and persistent flavor.

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Cheese sobrasada Mahon

Cheese Sobrasada Mahon Can Company is the union of two of the most traditional products of the Balearic Islands, the Mallorcan sobrasada and Mahon de Menorca cheese. Both are protected with the geographical indication stamp. This product is ideal to spread on toast or bread accompanied with honey.

A new concept born for all those palates who dare to enjoy a traditional product with the combination and explosion of this fusion of flavors.

Creation of the master charcutero Xesc Reina, professor of the school of Charcutería of Barcelona, that contributes the avant-garde character of Can Company.

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weight and sizes

Peso Neto



Sal, especias, magro de cerdo, Pimentón Tap De Corti,, Queso Mahón, Tocino cerdo, tripa natural de cerdo


Mantener en lugar fresco y seco.

Nutritional value

Energy Value: 504 kcal. Proteins: 12 g. Carbohydrates: 6.6 g. Sugars: 0.5 g. Fat: 48 g. Saturated fats: 24 g. Salt: 2.1 g.

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