The Mallorca Sobrasada


Sausage to cure cured pork that is garnished with tap de cortí, local variety of paprika that provides the bright red pigmentation.

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The Mallorca Sobrasada

The Sobrasada de Mallorca is next to the ensaimada one of the gastronomic references and of great tradition of the island. This sausage since ancient times was obtained from the black pig in the “matances” because it allowed for a long time meat, having no other means to preserve fresh meat.

The black pig is a native breed of the Balearic Islands, can be located from the Talayotic era. The sobrasada as we know it today, comes from the incorporation in the recipe of red paprika, at the end of the 18th century.

A little history of the Sobrasada de Mallorca …
Mallorca in the Talayotic period (1300 BC), already had an important pig hut, the Mallorcan black pig native breed of the islands. It is believed that this breed is the result of the progressive crossing of the Celtic porcine trunk and the Iberian.

It is under the Roman Empire when this technique of preserving food arrives on the island, although it again dilutes in time during the Muslim era. Because the pig is a forbidden animal in the Koran.

With the conquest of the island in 1229 by King Jaume I, Western Christian customs and culture returned. This again entails the exploitation of the pig as the basis of insular feeding. At this time we find the first inventories, where references to hung pieces of meat are seen.

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Peso Neto



Sal, especias, magro de cerdo, Pimentón Tap De Corti,, Tocino cerdo, tripa natural de cerdo


Mantener en lugar fresco y seco.

Nutritional value

Energy Value: 582 kcal. Proteins: 12 g. Carbohydrates: 2.7 g. Sugars: 1.3 g. Fat: 58 g. Saturated fats: 23 g. Salt: 2.4 g.

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