Pago de los Centenarios Extra Virgin Olive Oil Arbequina


Special Selection – Arbequina Extra Virgin It is an extra virgin olive oil that is softer in flavor than the Picual variety, an oil that comes from an olive tree very similar to other oils, although it is a somewhat more depopulated olive tree and branches, which has a Dark green color.

The olive is smaller than that of the Picual variety, but it can produce almost the same amount of oil. Arbequina olive oil is characterized by being a smooth oil but with intense, aromatic flavors with nuances to nuts. It is an oil that bitter and it bites very little or nothing, nor does it leave a feeling of astringency, it is a soft, light, delicate, sweet oil with almond touches and aromas of exotic ripe fruits.

It is an oil that requires some conservation care, we must remove it from direct light and keep it at room temperature, which is not very high.

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Pago de los Centenarios Extra Virgin Olive Oil Arbequina

Pago de los Centenarios Extra Virgin Olive Oil Arbequina

Pagos de los Centenarios is pleased to present the best Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced directly from the juice of selected olives.

It is an oil of green color and fruity flavor with nuances of ripe banana peel, artichoke, fig, ripe apple and walnut.

For the production of this oil the best olives of the plantation have been chosen in order to produce an oil of the best quality and flavor of the market.This Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been produced in a careful way, exclusively processed by mechanical procedures , And within a period of less than 12 hours from the collection of the olive, which means that we are facing a high quality oil.

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Nutritional value

(Español) Valores nutricionales (por 100 g de producto): Valor energético 900 Kcal. Grasas 100 g. de las cuales: Saturadas 16 g. Trans 0 g. Monoinsaturadas 71,5 g. Polinsaturadas 12,5 g. Carbohidratos 0 g. De los cuales azúcares 0 g. Proteínas 0 g. Fibra alimentaria 0 g. Colesterol 0 mg. Sodio 0 g.

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