Knolive Arbequino

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Balanced tones with a hint of apple, banana, tomato leaf and nuts. Very smooth and agreeable on the tongue, with a finish of hazelnut and green almond.

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Knolive Arbequino

Knolive  Arbequino, The essence of oil, from delicate small olives brimming with gentle flavour. Well-structured and fresh, of medium intensity, a clear scent of a mixture of fruit characteristic of this variety.

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weight and sizes

Peso Bruto

250ml., 500ml.


Botella de cristal

Nutritional value

(Español) Valores nutricionales (por 100g de producto): GRASAS: Saturadas 13 g. Trans 0 g. Monoinsaturadas 79 g. Polinsaturadas 8 g. Carbohidratos 0 g. De los cuales azúcares 0 g. Proteínas 0 g. Fibra alimentaria 0 g. Colesterol 0 mg. Sodio 0 g. Vitamina E 20 mg. Vitamina A 0,2 mg.

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