• La Cerveza David's Ale La Cibeles, una cerveza para dar rienda suelta al sentido del olfato con una explosión de aromas a Caramelo y Toffe.
  • Cerveza Imperial Ipa La Cibeles con un intenso aroma y sabor amargo que permanece arropado por notas a maracuyá, mango y uvas.
  • Cerveza Rubia La Cibeles es una cerveza de tipo Pale Ale muy ligera y refrescante con cierto aroma a lúpulos florales un ligero retrogusto a cítricos.



PACK LA CIBELES, the perfect pack for the beers lovers, this pack includes a selection of four beers from La Cibeles: La Rubia, David's Ale, Imperial Ipa and La Viejo Madrid.

Craft, natural and independent beers. Made without corn, or rice, or sorghum.
Unfiltered, unpasteurized, without gelling agents or clarifiers. Made only with water, barley malt or wheat, hops and yeast.

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PACK LA CIBELES, the perfect pack for the beers lovers, this pack includes a selection of four beers:

  • BEER VIEJO MADRID LA CIBELES: lager beers use low fermentation yeast. Similar to the pilsen but with something more body and less hopped (as far as bitterness is concerned). In Munich and southern Bavaria they are known by the name of helles or münchner hell, which means pale.
  • BEER SAVID’S ALE LA CIBELES: LIGHT SCOTCH ALE STYLE, the Scottish aleas are normally ales with greater intensity of flavor, similar to the English ones but elaborated with Scottish malts. They usually have a range of color ranging from toasting to dark brown. Less bitter than English, have more body and the final perception in the mouth is that they are sweeter.
  • BEER IMPERIAL IPA LA CIBELES, STYLE IMPERIAL INDIA PALE ALE, a Double IPA or Imperial IPA, is a version of an IPA beer but more hopped, more alcoholized and with more body. The aroma and the flavor are clearly marked to hops being the most common the varieties resinous, fruit, herbal, etc. Most versions have Dry Hopping (adds more aroma) and as well as a very marked bitterness.
  • BEER RUBIA LA CIBELES: STYLE PALE ALE, in the UK, even before the Industrial Revolution, most of the beers were dark. When a lighter beer style was introduced, it was called pale ale. They have a yellow towards amber or bronze. The pale ale are typical of the Burton-upon-Trent area of England, an area characterized by having a type of water with a high content of mineral salts that gives them a special body to these beers.


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